A Few Examples Of Ways That Your Workers' Compensation Attorney Might Gather Evidence

If you are in the middle of a workers' compensation case, you might have decided that hiring an attorney is the best idea. You could be wondering what your attorney will do to help you with your case, though. Among doing other things, a good workers' compensation attorney should help with gathering evidence. This is done in all sorts of different ways, but these are a few examples.

Looking at Your Medical Records

Your workers' compensation attorney might ask you to turn in any doctors' notes or other medical information that you have about your work-related injury. Additionally, you might be asked to sign a document that gives your attorney permission to talk to your doctors and to look at your medical records. Your attorney will then take a look at your records and gather up more information about the type and extent of injuries that you might have suffered.

Talking to Witnesses and Other Employees

Your attorney might also ask you for a list of witness information, if applicable. For example, you may want to provide contact information for any other employees who might have been around when you were injured. Your attorney might talk to these individuals for more information about what happened. Additionally, other employees might provide additional helpful information that your attorney can use as evidence, such as examples or proof of the fact that employees at your place of employment are required to use unsafe equipment.

Watching Surveillance Footage

If your place of employment is like others, there might be security cameras in place all throughout the building. If this is the case, then the video footage might show valuable evidence of what happened on the day that you were injured. If this is an option, your workers' compensation lawyer might contact your employer to ask for a copy of the surveillance footage and might watch it, take notes and present it as evidence.

The way that attorneys gather evidence and help their clients depends on a number of factors. Different attorneys have different preferences for the ways that they do things. Plus, each workers' compensation case is a little different. The above-mentioned examples can give you an idea of some of the things that your attorney might do so that they can build up a strong case for you. If you hire a good lawyer, you should be able to count on them to do everything possible to gather evidence and build up a strong case for you.

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