Social Security Disability Claims: Expediting The Appeals Process

Have you recently opened a letter for the Social Security Administration, hoping to read that your Disability Social Security claim had been accepted, but instead read a denial notice? You're not alone. About 67% of Disability Social Security claims are denied.

Here are some of the ways that a Disability Social Security lawyer can improve your second submission.

Item by Item

All Disability Social Security denial letters present reasons why the claim was not accepted. Unfortunately, these reasons can feel like one big problem when you're resubmitting your claim. An experienced Disability Social Security lawyer can take and item by item approach that ensures that every reason why you were denied in the first place is addressed individually.

  • Financial: Many Disability Social Security claims are denied because the financial information provided by applicants is incomplete or does not meet the financial benchmarks stipulated by the SSA. To make sure that your financial records are clear and easy for your caseworker to understand, you will need to provide your most recent tax returns and employment contracts. Be sure that your salary or hourly wage is clearly stated along with any other income associated with your past or current employment. Essentially, your lawyer needs to show that you made enough money before your disability manifested, but that you're also not making too much money after the disability either.
  • Severity: Proving that your disability is severe enough to prevent you from permanently performing a job you held in the past is central to all Disability Social Security claims. Substantiating the severity of your disability should come from both your medical providers and your former employers. Giving your lawyer access to your medical records and bills will help them create a timeline that can make your case much stronger. Additionally, obtaining narrative or sworn depositions from your former supervisor(s) and your medical providers help create a complete picture for your caseworker to understand how the disability changed your life.

Pushing for a Hearing

If your lawyer can convince your caseworker (or at least make them believe) that you might take them to court over your denial, your odds of winning your appeal are much higher. When pushing for a hearing, your lawyer needs to present unassailable evidence that they can enter into official court records. The best evidence should include information about your life before the disability and after the disability. Oftentimes, this evidence can include examples of the physical and emotional impacts on your life that extend beyond your employment. Things like hobbies,  journals, and testimonies from children and spouses can be very persuasive.

For more information, contact a Social Security Disability attorney.

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