Determining Fault Can Be Complicated With Chain-Reaction Truck Accidents

Chain reaction car accidents occur when one car accident leads to another. For example, one vehicle might be pushed into another. This is especially common in a truck accident because the size and weight of the truck can cause it to easily push other cars into each other. If you are involved in a chain reaction truck accident, you may need help from a truck accident lawyer because it may be difficult to determine who else is involved. 

Chain Reactions on a Highway

A chain reaction on a highway is especially a problem because people often do not expect to encounter a large number of cars that have piled up and may become a part of the accident. Truck drivers are often on the road for long hours and are drowsy. As a result, they might collide with the other vehicles during the pile-up and make the accident even more catastrophic.

To be held responsible for a commercial truck accident, the party must have been negligent. Therefore, your truck accident lawyer will need to sort out who might have been negligent during the accident so you can then seek compensation for your injuries. One complication is that the driver's employer might be considered vicariously liable for the accident. Also, other motorists might argue that you played a role in the accident. Therefore, you'll need to possibly craft a defense with the help of a car accident attorney.

Why Other Drivers Might Be at Fault

Other drivers are required to maintain a safe following distance so they can stop in time if another vehicle has to stop suddenly. Therefore, if a truck collides with you and another motorist following you strikes the rear of your vehicle, the driver following you might also be responsible for the accident. 

If you are not at fault for the accident, such as if multiple drivers and a commercial truck driver rear-ended you, your car accident lawyer might encourage you to file a claim against each party and they will then be required to sort out who was responsible for the accident. In some cases, only one party might ultimately be responsible for the accident.

For example, if the truck driver rear-ends the driver behind you and pushes the driver into your vehicle, the truck driver might be the only one at fault. Once you sort out who may or may not be at fault, you'll be closer to receiving compensation for your injuries.

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