Why You Should Hire A Workers' Compensation Lawyer

If you have suffered from a work-related illness or injury, you're entitled to workers' compensation. While you may be able to file a claim for workers' compensation on your own, you'll require the services of a workers' compensation attorney for severe cases. Here are some ways a lawyer can help your compensation claim.

Negotiating Settlement Agreements

When negotiating with the insurance firm to reach a settlement, work injury lawyers have the advantage of being able to determine how much your case is worth. Your attorney will be able to suggest a damage award based on the extent of your injuries, your medical expenses (both past and future), and whether you have sustained any permanent disability.

Work injury attorneys are also aware of the negotiation strategies used by insurance providers and will be able to anticipate their offers. Your attorney will ensure you get the best possible settlement. Additionally, your lawyer will make sure the agreement is well written to avoid negative legal consequences in the future. 

For example, suppose you're applying for social security disability benefits. In that case, a poorly drafted settlement agreement could result in losses amounting to hundreds of dollars monthly in benefits because of the workers' compensation offset. Your lawyer will make sure your settlement agreement takes into account your future medical expenses.

Disputed Permanent Disability Rating

Many workers' comp settlements involve permanent disability benefits. These damages are determined using your permanent disability rating. Your insurance company may dispute the rating assigned by your doctor. This means they'll ask you to go for another independent medical examination with a different doctor.

The new doctor will most likely give you a lower disability rating. The insurance company will use this new rating to pay you fewer disability benefits. Your work injury lawyers can convince the court that you deserve a higher disability rating.

Employer Retaliation

Sometimes an employer may retaliate when a worker files a workers' comp claim. Your employer may retaliate by firing you, demoting you, or reducing your pay. Work compensation attorneys can help you make a claim against an employer's retaliation.

Your workers' compensation attorney will help you prove retaliation. For example, they'll help prove that your employer's actions are directly related to your claim against them. Ultimately, your lawyer will help you get reinstated and compensated for lost wages or any other relevant damages.

If your injuries are clearly work-related and don't require extensive medical care, you may not need a lawyer to make a workers' compensation claim. Furthermore, if you don't have any permanent injuries and don't have to stay away from work for a long time, your case is simple and can be easily handled without involving an attorney. 

However, if you have significant injuries that require a settlement, your permanent disability rating is disputed, or your employer retaliates against your protected actions, you'll need legal counsel to help you get justice. Contact a workers' compensation attorney for more information. 

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