Who Is At Fault After A Hydroplaning Accident?

If you are involved in an accident that involves hydroplaning, you might suffer broken bones as a result. Hydroplaning is a problem that occurs during wet weather. The tires lose traction and slip on the wet surface. If you are injured in this type of accident, you will want to turn to a car accident attorney for help.

How Hydroplaning Occurs

The tread on the surface of the tire is designed to channel water. In some cases, this process fails, and the tires are separated from the road. As a result, the road becomes very slippery for motorists and can lead to an accident. 

Liability During a Hydroplaning Accident

When a driver loses control of their car during wet weather conditions, they might argue that they weren't able to stop the car in time. However, this is often not considered an acceptable excuse because there are steps a driver can take to avoid a hydroplaning accident.

For example, a driver should drive more slowly under wet weather conditions. Also, when there is a risk of a hydroplaning accident, a driver should not use cruise control. Also, drivers should not make sudden maneuvers during wet weather conditions because these are likely to cause the car to lose control. 

Steps to Take After the Accident

After you are involved in an accident involving hydroplaning, you will want to get to a safe location. If you are injured and you think a bone is broken, you will want to contact emergency services and wait for them to arrive.

As you are receiving medical treatment, you will want to contact an auto accident attorney so you can begin an investigation into what happened and how you may be able to seek compensation for your injuries. 


The driver will likely argue that they were not able to avoid the accident. However, if your attorney is able to prove that the driver was not driving the vehicle safely, they may be able to use this as evidence that the driver's insurance provider should foot your bills.

However, in some cases, the poor road design might contribute to your injuries instead. The roads might not be properly maintained, and there might be a lack of appropriate road signs. As a result, your attorney will discuss with you the best legal options you should pursue and whether you should pursue a settlement or file a lawsuit for your injuries.

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