Danger On The Assembly Line And Work Injuries

Workers can make a good living working in factories that produce the goods so important to consumers. Unfortunately, they can also be badly hurt on those factory floors. Read on and find out more about how a work injury is handled.

Assembly Line Dangers

Large, heavy machines that move things like vehicles from place to place can present very hazardous conditions to workers. Many assembly lines operate at a quick pace so that the work can be done quickly and efficiently. Factory workers can be hurt in many ways:

  • Slipping and falling on hard, slippery floors.
  • Being crushed by large machinery.
  • Amputation of fingers, arms, legs, and more.
  • Burns from chemicals and flammable conditions.

And much more.

Taking Action Against Your Employer

In most states, work-related injuries are covered by private workers' compensation insurance. This coverage is paid for by the employer and is a requirement for companies with a certain number of employees. If workers' compensation insurance is in place, it can be difficult for employees to be paid by filing a suit against the employer. The idea of workers' compensation insurance is to substitute for filing a civil claim against the employer. In most cases, workers' compensation will cover:

  • Medical expenses
  • Partial salaries are paid to workers that must remain home to recuperate.
  • Settlements are paid to workers that suffer from permanent injuries.

Problems With Workers' Compensation

Workers who encounter issues with their workers' compensation claim need the help of a workers' comp lawyer. This type of lawyer is well-versed in the law concerning workers' comp benefits, the appeal process, worker rights, and more.

Many workers' compensation insurers are difficult to work with. They can deny claims without a valid reason, be slow to respond when a problem comes up, and more. Having a lawyer means you have an advocate in the fight that knows what the insurer should be doing. They also know what you can do to get things moving on your claim.

When a Lawsuit is Appropriate

Even if your employer has workers' compensation insurance coverage, some instances may call for filing suit. You should consider taking legal action in the following situations:

  • Your employer does not have workers' comp coverage.
  • Your employer is egregiously negligent in providing a safe workplace for you and others.
  • Your injury was caused by a defective product. You may have a case against the manufacture of a product or machinery used on the factory floor.

Learn what your next steps should be after a work-related accident by speaking with a workers' compensation lawyer.

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